The Calculator can be a very powerful tool if you need to do some quick calculations and don't have you hand calculator handy. It also contains some very powerful features that aren't available on a lot of regular calculators.

The Calculator normally comes up in the Standard mode which is what most people will use. In this mode, you have the most common functions including memory, square root, percentage and reciprocal. The calculator also contains a Scientific mode which gives you access to many more functions. Don't be afraid to explore this tool as you may never need you hand calculator again as long as you're working on your computer.

With much of the Standard view of the Calculator, I assume everyone is already familiar with what you have available. As a result, I'll skip the basics of how a calculator works and concentrate on what makes this unique from a regular calculator. The only key that is probably unique on the above view is the Backspace key.  Let's look at each of the menus across the top of the Calculator. Hold down the <Alt> key.  See the underlined letters in each of the menu items (Edit, View and Help)? These are meaningful. If you hold down the <Alt> key and press these letters, you will select that menu. Obviously you can select each menu with the mouse, but this gives you an alternative way of getting into them. So, you can get into the Edit menu by pressing <Alt>E.

Edit Menu

View Menu

Help Menu

 Hughes Glantzberg

Last Revised: 03/12/2005

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