FreeCell is a very enjoyable game. As solitaire games go, it is much more enjoyable than most of them as you can win more often than not. When I first started playing FreeCell, I was able to win about 50% of the time. That quickly rose as my experience in the game increased. Here is a sample screen from FreeCell along with a brief description of the screen and what goes where. Although you can read the Help for the game yourself, I've included a few things here to get you started.

The four cells in the upper left of the screen are the free cells that can contain one card at a time each. You must remove cards before you can put another card in each of these cells. The four cells in the upper right of the screen are the home cells and will start with the aces and build up to kings. The bottom section of the screen contains eight stacks of cards laid out face up in a random order. You can move cards around using alternating colors by clicking on the card(s) you want to move and then on where you want them to go. By default, cards that can go to the home cells will do so as soon as they are uncovered.

The object of the game is to move all the cards to the home cells, using the free cells as place holders. To win, you make four stacks of cards on the home cells: one for each suit, stacked in order of rank.

It is believed (although not proven) that every game is winnable.

To play FreeCell
  1. On the Game menu, click New Game.

The game area consists of four home cells (The four card locations in the upper-right corner of the screen. Aces can be moved to the home cells immediately, and other cards of the same suit can be moved on top of them in ascending order. You win the game by moving all the cards to the home cells.), four free cells (The four card locations in the upper-left corner of the screen.  Each cell holds one card.), and a deck of cards, which is dealt face up in eight columns at the beginning of the game.

  1. To move a card, click the card you want to move, and then click where you want to move it.

Strategies and tips

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