Wallpaper Your Desktop

Windows comes with several files that can be used as the background for your Desktop. You can also create your own files with Paint or by taking a picture with your digital camera.  Perhaps someone will share one of their images with you.

To change your wallpaper, right-click on the Desktop and select Properties. Select your wallpaper and Tile, Center or Stretch it to suit your tastes. Click on Apply or OK to implement your wallpaper. Experiment with the different wallpaper to customize your Desktop to your liking. The Display Properties dialog box should look something like this:

We'll talk about using Paint to create files later in the material, but if you want to get started on something now, click on Paint. There are also files that you can pick up on the Internet that can be used as wallpaper. For example, the file you see in the Display Properties dialog box above makes a striking wallpaper.

You can also pick up a copy of Microsoft Plus! which allows you to customize more than just your wallpaper. The Plus! pack contains Desktop themes which include wallpaper, icons, screensavers and sounds pertaining to different themes. And add-ons to the Plus! pack give you a wide variety. Plus! is part of Windows 98, ME and XP.

 Hughes Glantzberg

Last Revised: 02/24/2005

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