Arranging Windows

You already know how to move windows around on your screen and how to resize windows so you can see what you need. There are three predefined desktop layouts you can use as well. These predefined desktop layouts are accessible by right-clicking on the Taskbar (not on an icon) and selecting the appropriate layout. What you will see should look something like this:

Cascade Windows

Windows will be arranged in a stair-step fashion where you can see the title bar of all non-active windows behind your active window.

Tile Windows Horizontally

Each window will go from the left edge to the right edge of the screen and take up an equal amount of the vertical space of the screen.

Tile Windows Vertically

Each window will go from the top to the bottom of the screen and take up an equal amount of horizontal space of the screen.

While you're looking at this menu, you might explore the other items available to you here, but I won't spend time on them now. Just be aware that you do have other options here. Be careful about making changes until you know the full meaning of those changes though.

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Last Revised: 02/24/2005

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