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Situated in a river valley at 7,700 ft. in the heart of the San Juan range of the Rocky Mountains lies the often-photographed and treasured town of Ouray, frequently referred to by visitors as the Switzerland of America.

The year-round population of around 800 is considerably swelled in the summer months as thousands visit this unique valley. Whether you are Jeeping the hundreds of miles of backcountry roads, hiking or mountain biking the trails that surround the town, photographing the spectacular mountains or soaking in any of Ouray's natural hot springs sources, it will be a vacation that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Like thousands of other small mountain communities in Colorado, Ouray started out as a mining town when gold and silver were discovered in 1875. Unlike others though, because of the majesty of the surrounding mountains, the cascading waterfalls and the natural hot springs, visitors flocked to Ouray as much for its beauty as the miners did for the riches they hoped they would find.

Throughout the years, Ouray has developed into one of Colorado's most popular destination resorts both during the summer and winter months. Ouray's natural hot springs, so magical to the Ute Indians 128 years ago, still attracts people from all over the world to relax their aches and pains and rejuvenate in the soothing water.