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Wyoming Segment

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Alpine Junction
Very cold to start the day. Stopped for breakfast at 6:30 but the restaurant didn't open until 7:00. They opened it up early for us. Strong head wind through the canyon at first then the day turned beautiful and warmed up. Stopped for lunch in Jackson and stopped for the night at Signal Mountain Campground. 52 miles for the day.
Signal Mountain Campground
Great day off in the Tetons. Walked, read and rested..
Signal Mountain Campground
Over the divide at Togwotee Pass, 9,658 ft and to our campground Dubois
Harmon left today, back being self contained.Very hot - 95 degrees so stayed at a motel. The owner of the motel drove them to a restaurant and the waitress drove them back to the motel. Very hard to get a beer after riding as you can only buy it in a bar or a state liquor store. Riverton
Hot! No real place to camp as Hiland has only a bar and a gas station. Camped there anyway (with permission). Great music and plenty of fun at the bar that night. Frozen burritos were the only thing available for dinner. Hiland
Very hot and a strong crosswind made for a difficult day. Camped at the KOA Campground with hot showers & laundry facilities. Casper
Hot again with a tail wind. The city furnishes a campground for free with hot showers right on the river. Interviewed by the Douglas Budget newspaper. Douglas
Hot-Humid with a head wind & some strong climbing. Had to take showers at the city pool since the town well was out and only the toilets were working. Went into a bar for a beer and the owner bought a round. Ran out of water with about 20 miles left in the days ride and knocked on a farmhouse door. He let them fill their water bottles and spent some time talking - nice visit. Guernsey
Email Messages Received
7/5 Make Cahill

Hi, Ladies.

I spoke to my fiance today. She mailed a letter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for you. She wanted me to wish you the best of luck. And we hope to see you in Portland, ME. I hope you have a great trip. Mike

7/9 Fred

Dear Anne,

Just a note to say Hi. Sounds like you two are having a great time. Love being able to follow you on your ride with the Website. It is great. Also loved getting your post card.

Much love, Fred

7/10 Dorothy

Hi, Guys,

Just had to say hello, following your progress avidly. I did the Togwotee pass last month. Have you been thru Yellowstone yet? It all sounds so familiar. Take care and have fun.

Love, Dorothy

7/11 Horst and Maudy Glimski

Hi, Gals,

Your picture in the Baker City Times looks great. It seems you're meeting a lot of friendly people. Keeping track of you shortens the distance between you and the SLOBS in SLO County. You won't be strangers by the time you get back here. Good luck and keep up the good work!