Portland to Portland Gals

Vermont, New Hamshire & Maine Segment

Bennington, VT to Portland, MA (221 miles)

New York Home

Vermont Segment

Vermont Altitude

Interviewed by Eric Vohr of the Bennington Banner and he gave them the key to his apartment to use for the night while he stayed at his girlfriend's place. The pace is slowing down so as not to get to Portland too early.
Stayed at Molly Stark State Park (3 miles east of Wilmington). Weather is cool and there was lots of climbing. Wilmington
Vermont Total  
Late start due to having Sunday Brunch at The Skyline Restaurant. It advertises a 100 mile view. Met a couple there that invited Carolyn & Anne to stay with them in Portland. Stayed in a motel. Prices are high! Keene
Stayed at a private campground (10 miles east of Concord). Interviewed by Ben Garvin of the Concord Monitor. Concord
New Hamshire Total  
Stayed at Outdoor World Campground near Wells. Saw the Atlantic Ocean today for the first time (on the trip). Wells
Staying at the home of Ellen Brown until Tuesday morning. Scarborough
  Dipped front wheels in the Atlantic Ocean. Bikes were taken to a bike shop for shipment home and Ellen picked them up at the bike shop and brought them back to her house. This officially ended their tour across the USA. Portland
Maine Total  
Email Messages Received
8/27 Horst and Maudy Glimski Hi, Anne and Carolyn. Just can't believe you're almost there. We're sooo proud of you! You two are incredible!!!
8/28 Tony Leap


I am impressed but still don't want to do what you are doing yet. Tom Parks and I are going to Eugene OR on the 7th of September and then riding back home. Only about 800 miles but should be interesting. About as far as I want to go. Hope all is well with you guys and are taking lots of pictures or slides that you can talk about when you get back. Well, that's about it for now, hope to see you both soon.

Tony Leap

May your ride be safe from Tigers!

8/29 Willi and Bob Zilkey Hi Gals! Do you have an arrival date/time for your triumphant return home? Will you both fly back? It will be wonderful to see you and hear about your adventures!!
Kate Flinn Hi Carolyn - Glad to hear you are currently in Vermont, one of my favorite states and what a great time of year to see it. I bet it's full of rolling green hills. Just don't stay too long or you'll hit the frost!!! We are all still spinning madly at the Pismo Athletic Club and envying your wonderful journey. Have a great trip & see you when you get back!!
8/31 Pat Congratulations on reaching your goal. I feel like I rode across the US, moving the store to a new location this summer. What are your plans from here? Probably rest a little while, huh? I'm looking forward to seeing my grandbabies on their birthday in October. Call when you get a chance once you get back home.
9/1 Enor Proud of ya, gals! Thanks for all your cards, Anne. Hope to hear in person of the adventure, tho I've been following . Hope you got my mail in Ohio at Spudd's. See ya when you show up, luv, Enor
Robert Hall

Carolyn and Anne,
Congratulations on the completion of your trip. I am sure it has changed your lives. I am glad you made it safely, Quite an accomplishment.
Kind regards, Robert Hall (the guy who gave you directions to campground in Boise, ID)

9/3 Alce, Duane, Austin and Sydney Boser Dear Anne and Carolyn, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
Rita & Matt Colonell

Hi Anne and Carolyn,

Congratulations on completing your cross-country tour! We are looking forward to hearing all about it when you return. You are an inspiration to all of us.