Portland to Portland Gals

Ohio & Pennsylvania Segment

Convoy, OH to Orchard Beach, PN (364 miles)

Indiana New York

Ohio Segment

Ohio Altitude

There was a good tail wind most of the day and they made good time. Worries about the weather drove them to stay in a Motel for the night.
  Again they had a good tail wind most of the day and made good time. Again, they stayed in a motel because of weather worries. Bucyrus

Had to stop early and hide out in a motel because they had been warned that hail was on the way and that it might bring tennis ball sized hail.

Minor accident at the motel - a picture fell off the wall and got Carolyn on the head. Some bumps but continued on.

  Hard day on the road. A free canoe trip was offered but not accepted. Alyce & Dwayne Bofer let them camp in the yard and had a BBQ for them. Canal Fulton
  Hard day with head winds and plenty of climbing and traffic. Had to walk up a couple of hills. Stayed with Aunt Blanche (Spud's Aunt?) in a lovely Victorian house. Chagrin Falls
  Staying at Spud's farm for Saturday night & Sunday night. Ready for a rest day. Madison
8/14 66   Hot & humid. Carolyn had a small bike problem with the rear brake cable stretched out but it was taken care of. Camped for free in the city park. Free beer in the local pub too. Lakewood


Email Messages Received
8/9 Nancy Kline

Thanks so much for the interview on Tuesday. I really enjoyed meeting both of you. As soon as the story is published I will have it E-Mailed to you, then send hard copy. I love your website. It is awesome. Nancy Kline, Putnam County Sentinel

Mary Kunz Hey there! Just home from the Wednesday frequent feeders ride, we miss you! Just wanted you to know we're thinking of you and rooting for you. We were debating if whether or not when you hit Ohio you might start to think you are almost there. On a map at any rate it looks pretty close! OK, bye for now,
Ben Patrick Now you are in God's country where I grew up! Spent my childhood in Champion, Ohio, north of Warren, not far from Painsville. Maybe you will camp at Mosquito Lake? - not as bad as it sounds! Good fishing! And, contrary to Red's comments, it isn't all down hill! Actually, the roads get steeper as you go further East as these roads were originally constructed in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds, before they did much grading as we have in the West. Lots of ten and twelve percenters - but by now, your tough! Well, that's all the news from SLOtown where all the men are handsome, all the women are strong (including you gals), and all the children, above average. I'm off to Mongolia next Tuesday - we will swap stories when we both return.
8/10 Janet

Hi Gals! Following your trip each day and very proud of you both! Congrats and warm thoughts and prayers for your safe return here on the Central Coast soon. We've missed you!! May the wind be at your back as you finish up the rest of the trip.

Spud Dear Gals; It's 9:00am on Thurs. 8/10 and I've just received your voice mail from Mansfield. Your map shows camping 8/11 in South Russell...my Aunt Blanche lives VERY near there and will probably find you a nice spot to pitch a tent. If Blanche is busy, my Mom lives in Mayfield Hts. (Near S.Russell) and would be able to overnite you with some old farm girl hospitality. Catch me at the farm in the evenings...and if you need to reach me at my shop, I leave at 3:00 to get home and play with my hay bales, etc. Looks like I'll be able to meet you at Mom's or Blanche's and provide you with the personal escort of a currently retired Bikecentennial Leader. Would love to join you for the ride out to the Farm in Madison. Speak w/you soon. Fair winds.
Sarah Lifton


Got your postcard. Go, girl!

Thinking of you with love and good vibes for your continued good times and safety. Life same as usual here--work, work, work, and every other weekend in San Diego.

Love, Sarah

Linda Yagoda

Hi Carolyn,

Keeping a close watch on your arrival. We will be gone for Labor Day weekend: Friday, returning Monday afternoon. Will be in NJ. Please keep me abrest

I just spoke with Uncle Tony. He said to tell you he only recieved 4 of the telephone numbers and that is why he did not call you at the hotel.

Doug and Jan Rupert

Carolyn and Anne,

We are so glad you stayed with us! It is still exciting to be a small part of your journey in to the record books. By the way if you pass this way again we have moved the key from the dog house!!! So you are welcome to come and stay but call before you get in the area and we will reveal the new hiding place. We have been getting online to watch your progress. We will keep in touch.

Doug and Jan Rupert Markle/Zanesville IN

8/12 Stu & Janie Goldenberg

Janie, Marni (our daughter) and I remember pedaling through Erie, PA. Before getting to Erie, a local cyclist gave us instructions as to how to get through Erie. I don't remember the exact details. He said that Erie was a tough town and to turn on some street toward the Lake and then continue east on Highway 5 which was 6th Street through Erie. We may have taken 955 back to US 20. Marni wet more of her bicycle with Lake Erie water. I guess we were lucky that the bicycle didn't dissolve. Marni bought a pair of cycling shorts at a bike shop and flashed our SLOBC card, resulting in a discount!

Highway 20 along the Erie is pancake land. We were surprised to see all the grapes. Made us feel like home.

Continue having fun, and be careful, and be safe.

Stu and Janie PS:

The hills between New York and Mass. were not particularly high, but were quite steep. We were also disappointed that when we hit the high point crossing these mountains that we could not see the Atlantic. In fact, we didn't see the Atlantic until we were actually at the beach near Boston.

Patti & Kevin Walters


We are so proud of you!!! We also love hearing from you with every phone call. We miss you a lot, but are thrilled that you are having such a great time. Keep enjoying, everything is great at home!!!!

Love, Patti & Kevin

Duane, Alyce, Austin and Sydney Boser

Dear Anne and Carolyn.

It was our pleasure to 'host' your stay in Canal Fulton. When I went to work, at the Canal Boat Lounge, on Friday evening, you two were the main topic of conversation for most of the evening! Not only did you brighten our lives with your visit, but you also made the day for a bunch of "regulars". We're planning to visit this site often to watch your progress, and wish you fair weather and smooth biking!

Duane, Alyce, Austin and Sydney Boser

Tony Leap

Hi; Well here we are drinking wine, having a great time, hoping you're having some wine, too. Maudy just told me how to talk to you two. I just heard you are already planning your next ride. Tell me it ain't so. Tom Parks and I are going to go to Eugene, Oregon and ride down home, hope to do it in 21 days and looking forward to it. Today was the club picnic, had a great time & drank your wine for you. Wish you guys were here to enjoy with us. We're always thinking of you and worrying a little also that nothing bad happens. Catch ya later.

8/13 Sandi VanDePolder

Dear Carolyn,

I hope you are having a wonderful time during your cross-country ride. I admire your courage and determination of doing such a challenging thing. I'm sure that you have touched many lives along the way, the way that you touched mine during my visit to California earlier this year. While I know that I will not be attempting a trip such as yours, I hope that someday I will have even a portion of your endurance, courage and strength of character. Best wishes to you both during the remainder of your trip. Patti & Kevin keep me posted regularly of your progress, and I know how proud they are to have you in their lives.

Love, Sandi VanDePolder
Royal Oak, MI

Leon Deutsch

Greetings Portland Gals--I am writing to you after meeting you at the resturant at breakfast-time in Oskaloosa, Iowa. We were three RAGBRAI riders and their support vehicle driver. Well the three riders made the 500 miles across IOWA and were very proud of themselves. They wanted to wish you well on your continued ride across the US. "If they can make it across IOWA, they know you two can make it across the US." Best wishes---From the riders from Iowa.

8/15 Harmon

Received postcard ink drawing of restored gas station plus 2 letters.Will be at Chuck's thru 8/21, possibly 8/22 depending on my mail arrival from M.B.Will guard my phone from 3-3:30 PM PDT every day after that, otherwise available at Chuck's after 3PM PDT till I leave.

Now that you have mastered the "razorback hills" you can ride all the way to Portland, ME and National coverage.

I'll bet at least another 1000 grandmas are taking a new lease on life. YOU GALS ARE INCREDIBLE.

Love to you both,