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Ripley to North Hoosick (450 miles)

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New York Segment

New York Altitude

Stayed in the Lake Erie State Park campground. Hot & humid day of riding.
  Stayed in a motel. They have a wonderful Bike Museum.
Orchard Park
  Camped in a city park after getting the OK from the police. The day shift forgot to tell the night shift so they were rousted us about 2 am but everything ended up fine. Weather is much cooler and there was a good tail wind. Avon
Cool and a tail wind again. Campground was only $5. Geneva
Stayed in a motel. Great restaurant called Frank's. Great food and the owner gave them $20 to help out on expenses for the trip. Cicero
Staying at the home of Linda & Larry Yagoda. Linda is the niece of Tony Lagna of Arroyo Grande and a longtime friend of Carolyn's. Vernon
Rest day. Vernon
Weather is warmer but comfortable. One very tough hill to climb to get there. They were greeted by the Mayor and were shown around town in a Police car. Camped in the City Park. Were interviewed by a local TV station and it was on the evening news. Great food at a fantastic Italian place - Linguini & Clams. Canajojarie
Heavy rain forced them into a motel early. Amsterdam
Weather is good, roads are good, traffic is heavy. Had a great campsite inside the Bigtop at the fairgrounds for free. Showers were right there and other facilities were nearby. Schaghticoke
Email Messages Received
8/17 Kevin Walters

Message to Community New in the Press Herald (Portland, Maine)

My mother and her friend are currently in New York heading east to your city. They started on June 14 west of Portland Oregon and are bicycling to Portland Maine. Check out the website below to see their progress. They've been interviewed several times along the way and would love to have a final one.

8/18 Larry

Hi Carolyn and Anne,

We met at a Subway shop in Brimfield, Ohio on your way to Chagrin Falls. I was with my sister Elaine and her husband Jerry. It sure was a pleasure to meet and talk to you awhile. I am so impressed with your ambition and accomplishment, I keep telling my friends about you. You two truly are an inspiration! I hope your trip is going well and you are both in good health since I saw you.

Thanks and goodluck

Minnie & Jim Byers Congrats on your progress. I have been following you online. I have great admiration for you both and your accomplishments. I am a friend of Hughes Glantzberg and he has told me of you.
8/19 Willi & Bob Zilkey We recently drove along your bike route outside of Ontario, OR, and felt sympathy for you all 6 miles of that killer hill! Then, going into Pendleton, OR, we again wondered how you could've pumped up those killer hills. Were some of them 10%?! It was hot, too. We now stand in awe of your determination and true grit!! Go Gals, Go!
Joan & Harvey Petersen Hi you two! I haven't had a chance to check your progress for over a week. You gals are doing great! Can you believe it- you're almost there! How exciting! We're all very proud of you. Can hardly wait to talk to you in person. Maybe I should watch for you on Good Morning, America. Keep on riding safely. Love, Joan and Harvey
8/20 Judie Prock You go girls--I'm so jealous of you---you are my heros. Some day I'm going to make that trip!!! Keep on chugging... you're almost there...I've been following you the whole way. Judie Prock aka "airport Judie"
Fred & Marianna

Dear Anne,

You guys are really making great progress. Hope the weather is not too cold for you. I love following your progress, although I don't get to sign on every day. Hope your trip continues well. Wish we could be there at the finish line.

Much love, Fred & Marianna

  Peggy Hi, Carolyn: I've been watching your progress. What worries me is according to your trip rundown you have climbed tens of thousands of feet so you must be at (at least) 60,000 feet now. Do you have oxygen masks?! And, when are you going to start going down hills? I'm going up to visit Bill and Judy over the labor day weekend. Will you be home by then?