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Nebraska Segment

Nebraska Altitude

Hot & Humid! with a head wind again. Stayed at the home of the director of the chamber of commerce (again). Interviewed by a radio station about the ride.
Additional miles around town. Scottsbluff
One month on the road. Showers & swimming pool at campground. Bridgeport
Strong crosswinds. Dry county - no after ride beer. Stayed in a motel. Oshkosh
Light head wind. Rode to the north of the lake on Highway 92. Paxton

Hot & Humid. Camped in the backyard of the boyfriend of the bartender at the after ride beer stop. Back on Highway 30.

Heavy rain in the afternoon & evening. Lightning struck very close to the tents in the backyard of Tim & Tracey. Had to dry out the tents in the morning and got on the road by 9 am.

Fought tough head wind all day. Stayed at Jerry & Debbie's house. Had a nice visit with them and their sons Brian & Kevin. Stayed in their new tent trailer. Dinner at the Arnie Rose Restaurant and had our first pasta meal in Nebraska. Great food. Went to the Cabella's store too. Kearney
Temperatures are in the low 80's, humid and a tough head wind. Stayed in a motel. Central City
Tough day on the road with hills and a bad head wind. Stayed at a motel. Wahoo
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Email Messages Received
7/14 Penny and Steven Handel

It is really fun to be able to see where you guys are and that you look GREAT!!! It was really good to hear from you, Carolyn, you sound wonderful. We were pleased to hear that Scott has my bike and all the parts and will start on it probably next week. Steven says hi, you go girls!! Keep the rubber side down and the wind at your back.We love you, Penny and Steven

7/15 Don & Joyce Wells We love downhills much better than uphills!! Really enjoying your trip!
7/16 Blake & Bonnie Swafford

Bonnie & I are doing the tour vicariously through the two of you. I hope you are having as much fun as it seems. We enjoy every report and look forward to the next one. So continue at gods speed and keep the pictures and reports coming.

LOVE, Blake & Bonnie

7/17 Hermon

Picked up your Sunday PM (7/16) message to late to respond. Will be monitoring my mail box every evening at approx. 8:00 PM local time. Sorry you had head & cross winds and high temperatures.

Everyone is following you both now that E-Mail is established.

Put my new tires on and all OK. Everything else OK. Working on motorhome rear door at my brother Chuck's house. Will be here at least two weeks; will advise otherwise if change made.

Hi, Carolyn!! The force is with you!!

Anne - miss you - miss you - love you too!!

Your Harmon

7/18 Rose Kevin said you are getting close!! Anxious to see you, and I'm very proud of you gals. You probably have my home phone number for when you get closer. I'd like to make sure I'm home when you arrive in town so call me when you're close. We have plans on Friday, July 21 but they are just to help the kids (locally) so it's no biggie to cancel if you'll arrive on Friday. Keep up the good work and we'll see you soon.
7/20 Bruce Collier Looks as though your pace will get you to the start of RAGBRAI ahead of the riders. We will get to Omaha on the 26th, but you'll likely be long gone by then. Have a great ride across Iowa. Check out Elk Horn and Audubon on your way.
7/21 Willi & Bob Zilkey We missed your smiling faces on the Wednesday ride from Grover to Slo for coffee then back to that Mexican cafe in Grover. Very warm ride. Bob bought me another new bike and it's painted to match the 97 Wildflower jersey. Hot stuff!! We love hearing about your great adventure.
7/22 Gloria & Jim Hayes Hi, Gals.....Carolyn, we thought of you on Wednesday. We camped at Kirk Creek in a friend's borrowed motor home. Reminded of our "camp out" with you. Had a lovely spot overlooking the ocean. Hope all is going very well with you gals. We follow your adventure every time I sign on the Internet......Hang in there!!

Answers to the most often asked questions of the Portland to Portland Gals [in Scottsbluff, Nebraska]

ANNE KELLY, 68, retired, 2 sons, 1 grand daughter. Anne has been cycling 15 years, this is her first cross country tour but she has done many other tours that were shorter such as the Santa Fe Trail, a tour around the Finger Lakes of New York, and a tour of Nova Scotia. Anne lives where ever she hangs her "helmet". There is a special man in her life - Harmon.

CAROLYN WALTERS, 64, retired, 2 sons, 2 grand daughters, 2 grand-sons. Carolyn has been cycling 6 years, this is her second cross country tour. Her first one was four years ago on the southern route from San Diego to St. Augustine, FL. Carolyn lives on the lovely central coast of California. There is a dear dog in her life - Charlie.

Anne and Carolyn started this tour June 15th from the coast of Oregon when they dipped their rear wheels in the Pacific Ocean. They average 60 miles per day with one day off per week. Their longest day was 90 miles. They camp most nights. Their half way point is Council Bluffs, IA. They expect to reach Portland, ME sometime in September when they will dip their front wheel in the Atlantic Ocean.

Many folks have opened their homes to us along our route. This adventure would not be possible without many at home and those met along the way that have supported our tour. We want to thank you one and all and for all the wonderful E-Mail messages of support and encouragement. It is nice to know that we are not alone in our endeavour.

Love from the Portland to Portland Gals, Carolyn & Anne