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Iowa Segment

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Brought the bikes directly to Endless Trail Bike Shop in Council Bluffs for new tires & a complete checkup. Rose & Larry Large picked us up for a stay at their home until Tuesday. Nick, the owner of Endless Trail was great and promised the bikes would be ready to roll by Monday afternoon. The ride in from Wahoo was tough with lots of traffic, construction zone hazards and plenty of junk on the side of the road. Will be interviewed by The Daily Nonpareil (the local paper) on Monday. A haircut and some time to relax is needed. Will be sending unneeded gear home and replenishing supplies.
Council Bluffs
  Got haircut & nails done to feel human again. fixed dinner for the Large's - 7 people altogether. Council Bluffs
  Interviewed by The Daily Nonpareil. Got the bikes back from Nick at Endless Trail Bike Shop. He did a wonderful job. Took the Large's out to dinner at The Spaghetti Works in the Old Market section of Omaha. Walked around the Old Market with ice cream cones afterward. It started raining hard Monday Council Bluffs
  8:30 start due to the rain. 64 miles to Massena, IA. Very difficult day with high humidity, heavy crosswinds and plenty of` hills. Stayed in an old hotel. Massena
  Some crosswinds and high humidity. Stopped in Winterset for lunch. Stayed at the home of Sue & Bill Smith. Were going to go out to dinner but the area was under a tornado watch and was invited by the Smith's to share their dinner. Going to try to be in Illinois by Friday (7/28) Indianola
  Lots of construction, trucks and rumble strips. Met up with the Ragbrai riders. Stayed at a motel. Hard day to ride. Oskaloosa
  Much easier day for riding with better roads & traffic. Stopped in Washington for lunch along with all the RAGBRI riders. A farmer along the way mentioned hearing about the P2P Gals on a Cedar Rapids radio station. George Bell let us camp on his property and gave us access to a rest room. No restuarant so just beer, chips & salsa for dinner. Columbus CIty
Email Messages Received
7/23 Kenyon H Kelly

Way to go! We're proud of you and Carolyn for reaching your halfway mark. I'm so excited for you two. We wish you bright, clear days and lots of tail wind.

Much love, MH&K

P.S. call you tonight between 9&10 CST

7/25 Rose Large

The Gals left Council Bluffs today at 8:25 am after waiting for the rain to pass. They wanted to leave at 6:30 am but with the storm last night and more rain predicted this morning they wanted the storm to be in front of them and not behind.

Carloyn enjoyed our lightning and thunder that accompanied our rain, as she usually just sees the rain in CA, she told us. Told the gals to keep up the good work and we will follow their progress across the states!

The article from the Daily Nonpareil newspaper should be out today, will keep you posted.

7/27 Dee Burgess & Judy Robinett

Received your postcard today. We are following your progress regularly and are looking forward to seeing you again in the near future. Great things are happening here. I can't wait to tell you all about it. Go girlfriends, Go!

Love, Dee & Judy

7/28 Tony

Hi, Carolyn,

Happy cycling - saw your pictures - & news stories - give Linda my love - Keep sending postcards.

Love, Tony

Joyce Wells

Received your postcard today and of course it reminded us of how much fun we had last year on the RAGBRAI. Wish we could have met up with you gals this year. I keep thinking how hard we are training for our Tucson ride in November until I read of your adventures and realize I've got a bit to go to be in shape. Glad your having so much fun but really, really, really miss you ! !

Love, Joyce Wells