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Kentland to Monroeville (176 miles)

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Indiana Segment

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Stayed at a religious retreat hotel that is over 100 years old. Meals were simple and good with more meat than we are used to. No after ride beer. The weather is cooler.
Fountain Park
  Stayed in a motel. Got our after ride beer and had dinner at a Chinese buffet. Took the bikes into a shop to be checked. They only needed normal maintenance and had no problems. Weather is OK for now. Peru
  Stayed at Doug and Jan Rupert's house (they met them at the Fountain Park camp). They got to the house before the Ruperts returned. But that was okay because the Ruperts told them they were welcome to use the key in the dog house (they didn't need to worry about the dog who had run away). They took showers and washed their clothes while waiting for the Ruberts to arrive. The weather was good while they rode, but there was hail and tornados that night. Markle & Zanesville
Email Messages Received
8/6 Tony

Hi Carolyn,

You are about 2/3rds thru your odyssey - Congrats - The last 1/3rd will be equally as exciting with beautiful people & beautiful country - have fun - see ya soon.

Love, Tony

8/8 Patrick

Hello, P2P gals!

Your trip looks amazing, I have been following the progress. Wyoming looked like it had some screaming rollercoaster downhills. I hope when a few more decades go under my belly I can still keep up with the P2P spirit. Gotta go try make some babies, Cowabunga near Portland, OR.

Red and Gail Davis What, you're in Michigan [Indiana] already? That means your trip is on the downhill side. I'll bet you have mixed feelings about that. Catherine, Pat and I spent a week bicycling through Colorado and I feel as if it changed my life regarding feelings about bike touring. As Carolyn said, all you have to think about every day is riding your bike. Take care, dudettes.