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Buffalo Prarie to Iroquois (208 miles)

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Illinois Segment

Illinois Altitude

Population 697 but the bartender is pregnant. Much cooler with mild crosswinds. Crossed the Mississippi River at Muscatine, Iowa. Camped at the bar (outside) and was offered a shower at a local home.
  Invited to Warren & Wanda Kieft's home. Had the best dinner so far on the trip. BBQ salmon, corn, veggies & more. Stayed in their daughter's bedroom. Kawenee
  Stayed at the Henry Harbor Inn. The resturant was pretty poor. Plenty of rain. Henry
  Warm & humid but with a tail wind most of the day. Camped in town near a swimming pool. The mayor opened up the restrooms for us. Free beer. Odell
  Camped in the City Park. No showers available. Weather is hot & humid and there is no tail wind. Iroquois
Email Messages Received
7/30 Hermon

Dearest "me",

As usual I am excited & flattered with your caring & descriptive writings, which I read at least three times over.

You & Carolyn are making big waves with your sincerity, modesty & capabilities. What a wonderful combination. The P.O. doesn`t treat postcards with the same speed as first class. Accordingly. I have received your cards of 7/15,17,22, & 23 as a group in 2 days . Your letters [I'm with you every second] of 7/23, 24, 25 arrived Fri/Sat [28&29]. Snail mail won't reach you until mid Ohio so I`ll send E-Mail often, and update regularly with snail mail [in addition to the cards you already have].

Keep flying high & in the clear,

Your ever lovin' Heee...

Joan Petersen & Cindee Varni

It's so interesting following your fantastic adventure. Thanks for the card from Council Bluffs. Cindee and I just returned from our Colorado tour- a terrific experience, but minuscule compared to your continental tour. We'll have lots of things to talk about when you return. Continue to have a safe and exciting journey!

Love, Joan and Cindee


Hello Dear Anne,

Really enjoyed seeing your pictures. Hope there will be more. Also, many thanks for the post card. Great to receive that. You all are really making some good time. Great to be able to keep tabs on you, and read all about how you are doing. We have Rick, Ellen, and the grandchildren here with us for the week - they are all staying over at Nancy & Skip's. Tomorrow we bring Skip's boat from a downtown marina out to the Pasadena Yacht Club Mariana, which they just expanded. Skip has Sea Gem up for sale, and hopes to find a buyer very soon. Best of luck as you continue on your way.

Much love, Fred

7/31 Harmon


Received your film roll today.Will process & keep for you. Southern Idaho fires under control, but we had our first close one today. While looking outside at the view I saw a large plume rise to the southwest, beyond the closest ridge, about a half mile away. Air currents were taking the new & growing plumes toward the East which would hopefully bypass us. Chuck & Brad took off to find out if help was needed, while I talked with my sister Diana to assure her all would probably be OK. A careless farmer ignited a grass field at about 2:30 pm when the temperature was about 105. Fortunately, people responded quickly and a tractor cut a swath around the acreage before control was lost. The fire is out.


8/1 Brian Reed

Hello Carolyn & Anne

I met you riding into Wahoo, Nebraska. I was heading from Colorado to RAGBRAI and was quite humbled when you told me what you were doing. Hell, I thought riding from Colorado through Iowa was a feat for a young buck like myself. You two are truly an inspiration. I looked for someone wearing your jerseys at RAGBRAI but didn't see anyone who fit the description you gave. I have told so many people about you two and am so glad I met you. I will be following your progress through the website. If you get a chance please E-Mail me, though I'm sure you have many to reply to and will understand if time does not permit. I'm back in Colorado now and telling your story to these Coloradoans who think they're fit and adventurous. People's jaws drop when I tell them your story. Keep it up!!

WilliBob We loved your postcard. Thanks! Your dinner of beer, chips and salsa sounds yummy but it may be a little short on protein. Listen to your mother, eat more protein and veggies, ladies. (LOL) May you have tail winds and sunshine today. Miss you.