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Idaho Segment

Idaho Altitude

Rode to Sandy Point in Lucky Peak State Park. Warm with a good tail wind. Sandy Point is not a campground and the Ranger told them to wait until 8 pm to pitch the tent after the park closed. This is about 20 miles east of Boise ID.
Very hot. Camped at Three Island Crossing near Glenns Ferry. Glenns Ferry
Weather is still hot. Stayed in a motel in Twin Falls. Tires for Anne's bike were not delivered as scheduled. Twin Falls

We are having a ball and everyone we have met has been absolutely great. We have met angels all along the way. People have put us up, let us camp in their back yard, taken us out to dinner, etc. At the moment we are staying with two women we met yesterday back in Buhl where we had stopped for lunch. They were from Twin Falls (20 miles away.) When we arrived we were treated like royalty. We have been interviewed twice by the radio station, both TV and the newspaper have been trying to get hold of us.

We were supposed to leave today 6/28, but because of tire problem (the ones I had ordered to be special delivered, were not waiting here for me when we arrived.) and we are having to remain here an extra day. So we were then invited home for the night by our two angels, Dee Burgess and Judy Robinett, who own a resturant here in Twin Falls. They have acted as tour guides, fed us, loaned us their car, printed up cards with our web address, among their many acts of kindness. When we rolled into town yesterday, tired, hot, and late due to a flat (Carolyn this time), we had a live radio interview on the street.

This morning while we were having breakfast we were tracked down again for a radio phone interview. This morning when we arrived at the bike shop expecting my new tires to have arrived, the shipment had been botched, sent surface instead of overnight. They wouldn't be here until Friday. Not able to wait that long, I reordered the shipment, hopefully they will arrive tomorrow. In the meantime we have had an unexpected rest day a couple of days early.

Using Dee's car we got a lot of errands done, including having T-shirts printed up for each of us. PORTLAND TO PORTLAND GALS on the back and SUMMER 2000 on the front. So if all goes well with the tires tomorrow, we will get a late start for Burley (40 miles) where we are already set up with a place to stay with Rock Temple, owner of Rock's Cyclery in Burley. If we can stick to our schedule, we hope to make Aberdeen by Friday, Idaho Falls on Saturday, Alpine, WY on Sunday., and Jenny Lake at the Teton National Park on Monday with another rest day there Tuesday the 4th.

Twin Falls

We are still in Twin Falls. The whole picture has changed once again. It has been a comedy of errors. I call it the saga of my jinxed tires. The tires which I had special ordered, overnight UPS delivery were supposed to be waiting for me when we arrived here in Twin Falls on Tue. (6/27). We arrived late into town because Carolyn had had a flat tire, so the bike shop was closed. Wed. morning we were waiting at the bike store when they opened, only to find that the tires had not arrived. I proceeded to spend hours on the phone to Art in SLO, tire people in OK and UPS heavens knows where, only to discover that the tires had been shipped ground instead of overnight air. They would not arrive now until Friday. That would not do, so I called the tire people back to see what we could work out to get them sooner. We looked at having them sent overnight down the line to our next nights stop-- too small a town. Wouldn't work. So we decided to layover here another day at the expense of our most gracious hostess', Dee & Judy.

Early this morning I called the tire people to get the tracking number of the UPS shipment for the tires. When I called UPS they told me that the flight had been delayed into Salt Lake City at 6:30 AM and they were not sure that the order had made the charter flight at the hub. He would check and call me back. Yes it had made the flight but because we were at the end of a long loop of deliverys they could not promise them before 5:30 or 6:00PM, after the bike shop closes. Around noon I called the bike shop to tell them what I had found out, only to be told they had just been delivered. Elated that we might get to Burley today after all, we packed up and wheeled over to the shop. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! They were the wrong tires. They were racing tires and not touring tires. (Me, my bike and gear weigh 200 lbs according to a truck scale I rolled over along the way.) Back on the phone to the tire people who agreed that those were not the correct tires to be touring coast to coast on. They could send the correct tires but where? It was decided that Pocatello would be the best place, about a three day ride from here. We had to find a bike shop to ship them to, directions on how to find them, and because of the weekend, the soonest they could be delivered would be Monday 7/3. Obviously we are not going to make the Teton National Park as planned. That will be at least another three or four days on down the line from Pocatello. That is if all goes as expected, but nothing seems to be going as planned.

After more calls to tire people, it was decided that the wrong tires they had sent would get me to Pocatello. Certainly the micky mouse tires that I had been on since Ontario, OR were not going to last much longer. The new tires were put on the back - fine. When he pumped up the front, it exploded off the rim. A new tube got me about four blocks away when the front tire again exploded with a bang. I took it back to the bike shop and got another tube. It got me back to our hostess' for a third night, as it was now about 4:30 PM, too late to head down the road to Burley . If all goes well we will head off early tomorrow morning 6/30 for Burley , and will try for Massacre Rocks State Park on Saturday. I think we have someone to stay with in Pocatello on Sunday, where hopefully we will be on hand Monday morning when my correct tires are delivered to the bike shop.

Twin Falls
Hot & humid again. Stayed as guests of local bike shop owner Rocky and his wife Tracy. Great dinner & wine. Interviewed by local paper Burley
Campground on part of the Oregon Trail. Harmon met up with them to help them over the Divide. More hot & humid Massacre Rocks State Park
Harman carried gear - averaged 15.5 MPH instead of normal 10-11 MPH. Had a great tail wind and no traffic. Stopped at Elmer's Restaurant for lunch and was not allowed to pay. Carolyn in motel while Anne & Harman get caught up. Hoping for the right tires to be delivered on 7/3. Pocatello
Correct tires came in!! Much cooler & a nice tail wind. Stayed in the backyard of a relative of Judy's (she put us up last week). Idaho Falls
Waitress at restaurant bought breakfast. When arrived in Alpine WY, bought shower & a hot tub soak at a hotel and stayed at Alpine Campground in the National Forest. Alpine Junction
Email Messages Received
6/27 Judy M. Robinett

Hi Kevin,

Met your mom at lunch today...just returned from a delightful dinner. They are doing great. My friend and I took them to see Twin Falls--Falls--great waterfall with vertical drop that exceeds Niagra by 200 feet.

They are staying at the Apollo Best Western in Twin Falls tonight. Will have breakfast at my restaurant in the a.m. Just thought I would say hello!

6/30 Janet Stahl Hi you two! Reading your reports and wishing I could be there. Continued safe journey and good health.. Hope you'll consider leading a tour for others sometime in the future. Still experiencing June gloom here on the Central Coast!! Good biking weather.
Gloria & Jim Hi Gals........I've been following your adventures every day, on the slobc website. Just wanted to tell you congratulations and continued success. GO GALS!!!
Dee Burgess & Judy Robinett

Anne and Carolyn got off this morning at 6 a.m. We took pictures of them with their signs and will get it processed and scanned in for you. When we left to go to Logan, UT at 7:00 a.m., Judy and I went via their route to the freeway. They were at breakfast, so Judy popped into the restaurant and said "Hi honey, we're home." Carolyn popped out of her chair and said "Oh, my gosh and gave us a hug." Since we were leaving town, we wanted to make sure the tires were going to get them there.

When you hear from them, tell them hello. We will have their Pocatello stay scheduled in the morning and they are staying with Judy's cousin in Idaho Falls. Take care and keep us posted.

7/1 Joyce Wells The only part about your trip we are missing is us being there. Glad your having a grand time and the tire adventure just adds to the stories you can tell when you get home. We miss you - Ride Safe
Janna Mauldin Heiner I'm sorry not to have known earlier that Elayne's Aunt was going to be in my area. Sounds like you two are having quite the trip--sucks about the tires. Hopefully they'll set you up here with some good ones. I'm sending good trip vibes in triplicate :^ ) for you both.
7/2 Dana, Lynn and Christina Hey Gals!!! We are enjoying reading about your trip every day. Hope the tire problem gets fixed and you don't experience rain today. Good Luck!!!!!
Stu and Janie Goldenberg We are enjoying reading of your adventures. You may be able to write a novel about the tires! Have fun and be safe!
Dee Burgess

Just wanted to bring you up-to-speed on Anne & Carolyn. Anne called me this afternoon (Sunday) from Elmer's in Pocatello. Connie Dial, owner, bought them lunch when they arrived.

Harmon caught up with them at Massacre Rocks State Park last night. He will be traveling with them until they reach the Tetons. Anne said they made great time to Pocatello today as Harmon carried their packs in his RV.

The Times-News story and picture of Anne and Carolyn is on their web site [Stu Goldenberg found the correct URL]. Anne wanted to make sure that you knew that you could download it to add to their trip web site. If you have trouble, I can send it to you.

They will be leaving Pocatello for Idaho Falls on Monday after Anne's tires are repaired.

7/3 Ben Patrick

Hi gals!

The stories from you get me all excited about getting on the road again! Re: tires, I have had very good luck with Continental 2000 Top Touring, 700x32. With the load you have, you need at least 32 width and they should fit okay on your rims unless your rims are the extra narrow racing type . Also, I have had good luck with Michelin Hi-Lite Touring, 700x32 or 700x35, and they have a fold up variety. And , Avocet Cross Kevlar 700x32 perform well, You need to have good strong tires or else your trip will be miserable. At best you will need to replace the rear tire once, probably twice for the total mileage you are planning. Good tires are not cheap but are necessary and very much safer. So, good luck. Hope that this helps.

P.S. I am enjoying the updates of your trip. Hang in there!