Portland to Portland Gals

June 12 to September 1, 2000

SLOBC members Carolyn Walters and Anne Kelly have arrived home and completed their bicycle adventure from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, having started west of Portland, Oregon and ending in Portland, Maine!!!!!

Their stats for the trip: 3,951 miles and 93,740 feet!

They will depart from Portland, Maine on September 5 and fly to San Francisco. From there they each go their own way. Carolyn will travel by train and arrive in Paso Robles on September 6. I don't know Anne's travel plans from there.

We'll keep this site up - watch for photos from the trip and perhaps some messages from Anne and Carolyn.

I have the phone number where they are staying until they depart Portland, Maine. If you would like to contact them, contact me and I will give you their number.

If you've got any news on the pair, or want to send Anne and Carolyn an email message, please do. We'll add it to our web pages and pass it on to them. And the pair really enjoys getting these. They are sorry that they are unable to respond while on the road, but will remember later.

Current Location
9/1 Portland, Maine Football sized hail, tornado speed winds, nights below 0, days in the 100's. Who cares!! Feet up, taking it easy.
  Remington, Indiana
Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Burley, Idaho
News Stories
7/28 Concord, New Hamshire
7/22 Council Bluffs, Iowa
7/18 Douglas, Wyoming
6/23 Baker City, Oregon

ANNE KELLY 68, retired, 2 sons, 1 granddaughter Anne has been cycling 15 years, this is her first cross country tour but she has done many other tours that were shorter such as the Santa Fe Trail, a tour around the Finger Lakes of New York, and a tour of Nova Scotia. Anne lives where ever she hangs her "helmet". There is a special man in her life - Harmon.

CAROLYN WALTERS 64, retired, 2 sons, 2 granddaughters, 2 grandsons Carolyn has been cycling 6 years, this is her second cross country tour. Her first one was four years ago on the southern route from San Diego to St. Augustine, FL. Carolyn lives on the lovely central coast of California. There is a dear dog in her life - Charlie.

Anne and Carolyn started this tour June 15th from the coast of Oregon when they dipped their rear wheels in the Pacific Ocean. They average 60 miles per day with one day off per week. Their longest day was 90 miles. They camp most nights. Their half way point is Council Bluffs, IA. They expect to reach Portland, ME sometime in September when they will dip their front wheel in the Atlantic Ocean.

Many folks have opened their homes to us along our route. This adventure would not be possible without many at home and those met along the way that have supported our tour. We want to thank you one and all and for all the wonderful E-mail messages of support and encouragement. It is nice to know that we are not alone in our endeavor.

Their planned route includes the following segments

  • Oregon - Rode 554 miles and climbed 18,300 feet riding from Astoria to Nyssa
  • Idaho - Rode 558 miles and climbed 9,400 feet following the Snake River
  • Wyoming - Rode 486 miles and climbed 10,560 feet riding from Alpine to Orin
  • Nebraska - Rode 548 miles and climbed 8,300 feet riding from Henry to Omaha
  • Iowa - Rode 304 miles and climbed 11,110 feet riding from Council Bluff to Muscatine
  • Illinois - Rode 266 miles and climbed 1,560 feet riding from Buffalo Prarie to Iroquois
  • Indiana - Rode 149 miles and climbed 2,700 feet riding from Kentland to Monroeville
  • Ohio - Rode 367 miles and climbed 12,000 feet riding from Convoy to Conneaut
  • Pennsylvania - Rode 53 miles and climbed 1,300 feet riding from West Springfield to Orchard Beach
  • New York - Rode 545 miles and climed 5,400 feet riding from Ripley to North Hoosick
  • Vermont - Rode 45 miles and climbed 4,010 feet riding from Bennington to Brattleboro
  • New Hampshire - Rode 118 miles and climbed 6,700 feet riding from Keene to Dover
  • Maine - Rode 64 miles and climbed 5,400 feet riding from South Berwick to Portland

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