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The intent of this tutorial is to take you from being an Internet novice to a confident Internet user in as short a period of time as possible.


This tutorial won't make you an expert on the Internet, but it will make you more comfortable with the basics of using the Internet.

Course Outline

It seems as though the Internet is of interest to nearly everyone.  Whether you have had a computer for a while or have just received your first computer, you are looking for answers to questions about the Internet.  The intent of this tutorial is to help everyone gain a better understanding of this powerful tool.  Yes, just as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. are tools, the Internet is a tool that you can use to obtain the information you need.  In developing this tutorial, I have tried to structure it in such a way so you can step down to the information you are looking for with a minimum of effort.  Although I would hope you will explore all of the sections of this tutorial, I hope you find answers to your questions quickly so you can begin using the Internet to find what you want.  From the history of the Internet to using E-Mail, this tutorial delivers the knowledge you need to venture onto the Internet, explore its vast offerings, and make it work for you.  Find out how to unearth the online information, entertainment, and services you want with the practical insight and advice in these topics.  Simply click on the topic of interest to begin your journey.  It is hoped that by the time you get finished with this tutorial, you will feel more comfortable with the Internet.  The emphasis throughout this tutorial is on using the Personal Computer (PC) as opposed to a Mac and concentrates on using Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook or Outlook Express.  There are other tools available and I will mention a few as we go along.

Topics to be covered include:

  • History - The U.S. Department of Defense laid the foundation for the Internet roughly 40 years ago with a network called ARPANET. 
  • E-Mail - E-Mail connects you to your family and friends around the world.  Send letters and pictures almost instantaneously.
  • Browsers - A browser is a tool used for surfing the Internet.  Learn what's available and how to use it.
  • Chat - Chatting with other people is just one of the more enjoyable aspects of using the Internet.
  • Search - Finding what you want on the Internet is important.  Learn to do it efficiently.
  • Downloads - There are a lot of things that are available over the Internet.  Learn the dos and don'ts of downloading.
  • Shopping - E-Commerce is here to stay.  Learn how to shop safely and successfully.

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